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Update #8


Info for Update 8
Release Date: Sat Nov 11, 2017 16:39
Author: Rick
Short Description: Massive Update
Full Description:

InfinitySites 4

This is hands-down the largest update yet, and we can't wait to share all of our great new updates with you!

InfinitySites 4 brings in functionality that every website builder should have, like plugins, templates, and analytics.

In this update, we have added so much that it's impossible to list everything in this post. Plus, you wouldn't want to read it anyways. Here are the highlights:

  • Plugins: Self-contained units of functionality within your site which allow you to customize it in a number of ways. A plugin development guide is available here.

  • Templates: Pre-built websites or website layouts, sometimes with configurable options.

  • Analytics: Information about your website's popularity (number of visitors who have viewed your site and number of unique visitors, over a specified period of time.) Analytics data can be exported as a CSV or XLSX spreadsheet.

  • Calendar Module: A calendar, complete with events, commenting, and permissions management.

  • General Improvements such as a nicer combination of fonts, an extra security layer for logins, a limit for login attempts, and LOTS of bugfixes.

  • Blog Improvements: Users can now comment on blog posts, view a blog's RSS, and get permalinks directly to a post.

  • Forum Improvements: Permalinks to threads, minor layout improvements

  • Latest Threads Improvements: Latest Threads modules now use InfinityPush, our one-line JavaScript library that saves on data usage by internally keeping track of when a module needs to be updated, as opposed to updating it every second.

  • New WYSIWYG Editor: We switched over our text editor functionality to TinyMCE, a much more advanced editor offering many more enhancements, such as tables, headings, code editing, fonts, block quotes, and a lot more!

  • Admin Panel Improvements: The navigation bar for the Admin Panel now has another menu that displays below it on wider screens (> 1000px) with more shortcuts and links. The File Manager now allows multiple file uploads at a time, but large uploads should still be broken up into blocks.

  • Page Improvements: The page layout was completely revamped, leaving table-based layout behind and switching to div-based layout, giving themes, templates, plugins, and you greater control over how your site looks. JavaScript on user-created pages is now rendered at the bottom of the page, meaning that your site will load much more quickly.

  • Self-Configuration: If your site's database is not properly configured or ever gets damaged, your site will detect this and re-build the database for you.

We hope you enjoy these updates, and, as always, make sure to leave us lots and lots of feedback!

Here's to all the updates to come.

~ Rick K.
Update Version: 4.0.0
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