Online Cash Register Tutorial

Setting Up a Register

Welcome to the Online Cash Register! To get started, you will need to create a virtual cash register.
To create a virtual cash register, go to If you have been given login information by someone else, you can input it under the "Select a Register" section.
To create a new register, enter a name and a password for it under the "Create a Register" section.
Then click "Create".

Creating an Inventory

Once you create a register or login to one, you will be redirected to the inventory page for that register, where you can manage the items that you are selling.
If you only need to keep track of whose item someone bought rather than what item (for example, in a cooperative garage sale) then you can simply add items with the names of whoever brought them, e.g.
Bob's Item
Joe's Item
Jill's Item

In this case, you will not set prices for these items now. Otherwise, set the item prices here.
To remove an item, simply click "Remove Item" under the item you want to remove.

Creating a New Transaction

When you get a customer, click the "Create a New Transaction" link at the top of the Inventory page. You will be taken to the Transaction Manager where you can add items to a customer's order.
The total for the customer's order is listed next to the green text "Current Transaction Total". The combined revenue for the entire sale is listed above it, next to the blue text "Current Total Revenue".
To remove an item from a customer's order, click "Remove" under the item you wish to remove from the customer's purchase.

To change the price of an item, enter a value (not including the dollars sign) into the "Override Price" input box before clicking "Add Item to Purchase".

If you want a receipt of the transaction, click "View Receipt" at the top of the page.

After the customer has checked out, a new customer order can be started by clicking "New Transaction".

Viewing Transaction Details

Details for a transaction can be viewed by clicking "View Receipt". You can filter the results by product, and the totals will be adjusted accordingly, and/or view the revenue for the entire sale by clicking "View Total Sale Revenue".
The following information about a transaction is displayed:
  • The date the receipt was generated
  • The total revenue for the entire sale
  • The total for the transaction being displayed (if any)
  • The individual purchase of the transaction: Item Name, Item Price, Item ID, and Purchase ID are displayed for each purchase.

  • If the receipt is printed, the filter section is hidden and the receipt is cleaned up so it looks nicer when printed. A print preview (Ctrl+P) will show how the page will look when printed.


    Bug reports and usage questions can be submitted to the InfinitySites Help Desk. To submit a support request, please create an InfinitySites account here. No e-mail confirmation is required.

    Thank you for using Online Cash Register!